Outgrowing Accounting Software?

For many small businesses Excel sheets with accounting software or outsourced financing works exceptionally well to support business activities. They help control finances, operations, sales and manage customers.

With sustained growth there are many new opportunities such as increased income and larger market share. However, there are also a set of new challenges to overcome. The business operations is becoming larger and more complex, which is increasingly difficult to manage and control effectively.

It’s more difficult to manage your business and very time-consuming to administer all the excel sheets which were previously very effective.

Alternatively getting different systems to cover these key business areas is costly, requires additional training for each system, difficult to integrate and establish communication between each system and requires multiple support contracts all which also increase complexity.

Unfortunately, by not taking action, the problem is not going to go away, but instead will get even more complex and frustrating.

What can you do to solve this problem?

You can regain control by using a tried and tested system that is specifically designed for businesses in your situation, ERP for small business combines accounting, CRM, risk management, operations and project management into one system to help you regain that needed control, reduce administrative time, support you in managing your business and provide an easy to use user interface that is intuitive and quick to learn.

SAP is the market leader for ERP Software

SAP Business One is trusted by 50,000+ small businesses like yours. Cloud and on-premise solutions can be adapted and tailored to your individual business needs. It supports you in managing your business and reduces administration time, so you can focus on helping your customers instead of updating Excel sheets. Many growing businesses have already taken the step to upgrade from financial software to SAP Business One.

It's time to move faster with SAP Business One

ICC is trusted by many customers in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore for helping them moving to the next steps of their growing business. With a combined excess of 10+ years experience of development and implementation of ERP systems, SAP Business One in particular, our experts can help you take the correct steps with our highly adaptable, scalable and cost effective solutions which are tailored to your individual businesses needs. There will be no more tedious administration work when everything is already within your reach. It's time to move faster!


ICC focuses exclusively on SAP Business One and its integrated solutions. With one of the largest dedicated SAP Business One teams in Indochina, we have the expertise to deliver a solution tailored to meet your business needs and help its growth. Our greatest asset is a great team of consultants and developers who shape and define the solutions we deliver.

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