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Mechanical Engineer

Manufacturing Express
on SAP Business One

Simple production data collection, quality control, and product management

Get started quickly with easy-to-use Cloud Apps

Manufacturing excellence is about more than producing quality goods. It is about your entire business. Cloud Apps for simple production data collection, quality control, and product management

We’re a highly-awarded SAP Business One Strategic Innovation Partner with superior knowledge of your industry. We’ve been implementing manufacturing ERP software since 2006.


Intelligent solutions for specific business roles allow your team to only use what they really need – and get more out of their work than ever before.

Focused on individuals because every business-role is unique

By understanding each role's problems and needs, and adapting the interface to suit them, users can work better. Our role-based Cloud Apps transform your ERP system into a modern application, providing a more fluid and enjoyable user experience. You will run your business more efficiently than ever before.

Get up and running quickly with lean cloud applications 


what does your product development process look like when using Build?


Plan what needs to be done for a new or changing product

Using a clear framework, each department is guided through the tasks that they're responsible for, ensuring that products are added to the system accurately and efficiently.

Build a Bill of Materials and Operation plan

Add or update new production items more quickly, including the management of the operation plan, ensuring that the right materials and production methods are used.


Calculate product costs and determine sales prices

Determine material and labor costs based on the product structure, calculate manufacturing and sales costs and transfer the sales price to your ERP price list.

Approve and release complete and correct products

The integration of other stakeholders in the process, from sales or production, and access to real-time data allows product updates to be tracked and any issues to be resolved swiftly.

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Connect to your shop floor in real-time



"I use Produce to organizeproduction orders, and track work in progress in real-time."


Prioritize, release and monitor

production orders

Get a comprehensive backlog management system that helps you

  • to organize and prioritize production orders

  • provide production orders to the shop floor

  • monitor production progress in real-time



"I use Produce to start and stop operations and collect time and material requirements in an efficient way."


View production orders, and register work done and material usage

Get a dedicated backlog view of released production orders to:

  • select and execute production orders 

  • get fast access to production relevant information

  • start and stop operations, and collect time and material requirements



Designed to work hand in hand with the ERP system to streamline supply chain related quality inspection processes


1. Plan inspections and quality targets

Manage inspection plans with sample plans and quality targets for each inspection step. Build test steps with instructions for the inspector, define quality targets and rules for how many samples should be taken.

2. Execute inspections and collect quality data

A clear, paperless overview of work for the inspector with shop floor data collection. Process inspection plans, collect quality data and defect types and finish inspection orders.


3. Monitor progress and status of inspection orders

Monitor the execution of inspection orders and quality trends. See results in real time and make fast decisions on follow up tasks.

4. Analyze inspection results

Deep dive into test results and track global quality trends. Detailed view of the results per inspection order.

The ERP solution that leaders trust to help them grow and thrive
SAP Business One ERP

SAP Business One is comprehensive and integrated ERP solution that covers the needs of all business areas. Embedded with AI and analytics, it can help your business run anywhere, in real time.

SAP Business One
See it in action

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“SAP Business One helped us stop driving in reverse. We can now look forward, plan, and execute on the plan."

Muoi DO | BOD Trasas

  • What is SAP Business One?
    SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for small to midsized businesses. It is designed to streamline business processes and centralize operations in one system, from finance and sales to procurement and inventory management. Learn more about how SAP Business One helps companies operate more efficiently, grow sustainably, and capitalize on data insights by reading the detailed blog post here.
  • What features are included in SAP Business One?
    SAP Business One features all the functionality required to streamline business operations, improve collaboration, and refine processes. SAP Business One connects all your departments and operational areas in one place, with specialized modules for each of the following focus areas: Finance Sales and service Manufacturing management Purchasing and inventory control Procurement and supply chain Inventory management Warehouse management Quality management Reporting and real-time analytics Human resources management
  • How is SAP Business One deploy?
    SAP Business One offers many flexible deployment options to suit your business needs and technical requirements. Depending on your budget, existing infrastructure, and goals, you can deploy SAP Business One in the cloud, on-premise, co-located, or through a hybrid model. While there are many advantages to cloud deployment, we recommend working with your SAP Business One partner to identify the best path.
  • What is SAP HANA?
    When you implement SAP Business One, you can choose between two database types: SQL or SAP HANA. SAP HANA is a lightning-fast in-memory relational database management system that can parse massive amounts of data much faster than a SQL-based system. To find out if SAP HANA is the best option for your business, read the full blog post here.
  • Why should I choose SAP Business One?
    When it’s time to start looking for a new (or replacement) ERP system, there are tons of solutions to choose from. SAP Business One is just one, but it’s popular for a reason. Here are some reasons why many companies select SAP Business One to run their business: Reduce operating and admin costs Unify business operations and data Foster collaboration Improve data accuracy Get better data insights Trust that your data is secure Forecast in real time, adapt on the fly, and operate proactively Elevate customer experiences Growth and scalability Working with an experienced, flexible, and dedicated SAP Business One partner will allow you to maximize the benefits you’ll receive from the system.
  • What is training resource available for SAP Business One?
    SAP offers a selection of training and documentation to teach the basics of SAP Business One and facilitate software adoption. At ICC, we know that training doesn’t really stop after implementation. That’s why we offer our own SAP Business One Training Center. Our training center is built for users looking to sharpen or expand their skills and includes a wide variety of videos, training, webinars, tutorials, and more. We also offer customizable training plans during the implementation process itself to ensure you have a smooth and successful transition.
  • How is SAP Business One licensed?
    When you purchase and implement SAP Business One, you have to buy software licenses. The two main types of licenses are Professional Licenses and Limited Licenses. SAP Business One Professional Licenses are “full licenses” and have access to all modules and the Software Developer Kit. SAP Business One Limited licenses are considered “partial licenses” and come with full access to specific modules depending on the business unit chosen Other license types include mobile app-only licenses, indirect access licenses, and starter package licenses.
  • What does SAP Business One cost?
    As with every ERP system, there are many factors that influence the total cost of implementing and supporting SAP Business One. From licenses and hosting to implementation services and integrations, the easiest way to get an accurate picture of your costs is to reach out to ICC - Innovative Consulting for a custom quote. If you’re just looking for licensing costs, here are the current fees for 2023: Professional Licenses: Perpetual Professional Licenses cost $3123 per user plus an annual maintenance fee Limited Licenses: Perpetual Limited Licenses cost $1666 per user, plus an annual maintenance fee
  • What industries SAP Business One well suited for?
    SAP Business One is a flexible ERP solution that works for small to medium enterprises. However, it is particularly suited to manufacturing and distribution businesses. It has specific modules designed for the unique needs of manufacturers and distributors with extensive inventories and warehouses to manage.
  • Is SAP Business One the best ERP solution for my company?
    Business owners often choose SAP Business One for its flexibility, scalability, affordability, and comprehensive coverage of all business units.

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