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SAP Business One Pricing

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you have been looking for information on SAP Business One Pricing, you have come to the right place. We have compiled the most comprehensive guide on SAP Business One licensing and pricing options to make things easy. With this information, you can negotiate an SAP Business One license contract that could save you thousands.

This guide features testimonials, package and user options, and SAP Business One pricing for different platform configurations. You will also learn about the benefits of licensing and implementing SAP Business One software through ICC.

SAP Business One SAP Business One is the industry standard ERP solution for many verticals. SAP offers an on-premises version along with a cloud-based option. Each is priced differently. Some of the standard "out of the box" features that come with SAP Business One include:

  • Financial Management

  • Sales and Customer Management

  • Purchasing and Inventory Control

  • Business Intelligence

  • Analytics and Reporting

Some more in-depth information about SAP Business One features include: SAP Business One Financial Management

SAP Business One includes financial management tools to streamline the accounting operations of your business. You will strengthen your team's decision-making abilities through SAP Business One by improving your margins and reducing accounting errors. Some of the features of SAP B1's financial management include:

  • Accounting

  • Controlling

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Banking and Reconciliation

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

SAP Business One's financial management tools automate accounting procedures, including journal entries and accounts receivable/payable.

Also, SAP Business One financial management helps manage cash flow, track fixed assets, and cost-effectively monitor projects.

SAP Business One's fixed asset management removes the need for repeated data entry by utilizing virtual functions.

The banking and reconciliation component processes reconciliations and payments quickly and efficiently through bank transfers, checks, and cash.

SAP Business One's financial management tools include financial reporting and analysis, which collects and reports data in real-time.

SAP Business One Sales and Customer Management SAP Business One offers robust sales and customer management tools to efficiently manage and monitor your sales process and improve customer relationships. Some of the included features are:

  • Sales and Opportunity Management

  • Marketing Campaign Management

  • Customer Management

  • Service Management

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Mobile Sales

They also offer marketing campaign management tools to create, manage, and analyze your business activities and marketing spending to attract customers and expand your reach.

The sales and customer management tools also offer reporting and analysis at every stage of the sales process. SAP Business One Purchasing and Inventory Control SAP Business One provides businesses with helpful purchasing and inventory control tools to manage their receipts, payments, returns, and invoices. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • Procurement

  • Master Data Management

  • Warehouse and Accounting Integration

  • Accounts Payable

  • Reporting

The purchasing and inventory control from SAP Business One provides procurement processes like requisition requests and matching documents while efficiently handling multiple currencies.

The master data management feature includes centralized balance and purchase analyses and keeps track of individual item purchase details.

Warehouse and accounting integration automatically creates accounts payable invoices based on orders and receipts. In addition, through SAP Business One, you can sync your tickets with your inventory levels to have complete control over your purchase planning.

With accounts payable, you can optimize your supply chain and reduce costs by keeping track of invoices, cancellations, and credit memos. While keeping current with purchases, your business can plan and schedule purchases to suit your supply needs.

Purchasing and inventory control generates reports based on real-time data and provides convenient access to business owners. You can view system reports via the desktop interface or mobile device. SAP Business One Business Intelligence One of the most powerful features of SAP Business One is its ability to analyze data to help you make better business decisions. You can enter data, create reports, and view them in customizable layouts. The easy access to data and flexible reporting functions requires very little from your IT department, saving you money on overhead and staffing. Some of the built-in functionality include:

  • Report Creation and Customization

  • Interactive Analysis

  • Intuitive Tools

  • Analytics with Predefined Metrics

  • Powerful Data Visualizations

SAP Business One also offers interactive analytics and intuitive tools that help businesses discover critical financial insights. You can even view your reports using Microsoft Excel. Additional tools include search assistance and customized alerts based on your business' workflow.

SAP Business One analytics enhances cash flow and sales through performance indicators. The system includes powerful visualization tools that make evaluating and analyzing your data quick and easy. The features are perfect for small-medium-sized businesses. SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting SAP Business One also includes real-time analytics so that you can access and evaluate your data through quick searches and by creating custom reports. The dashboard makes tracking cash flow and assessing performance seamless so you can manage your business more effectively. With SAP Business One, you can instantly access everything you need to know in one convenient location to fix workflow errors and improve efficiency. Some of the analytics and reporting features include:

  • Dashboards and Reports

  • Real-time Analytics

Who's a Good Fit for SAP Business One? SAP Business One is an excellent fit for small and midsize businesses focused on consumer products, industrial machinery and components, professional services, and retail & wholesale distribution. At ICC, we have specialized solutions for several industries, such as logistics and agriculture.

How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

The price for SAP Business One varies based on many factors, such as the number and type of licenses, payment frequency, and editions. SAP Business One pricing options are explained in detail below.

SAP Business One Perpetual License Cost

Businesses can purchase SAP Business One for a one-time cost depending on the license. However, purchasing individual licenses does not cover annual maintenance that may be necessary, including bug fixes, software upgrades, and patch releases. Each package includes one license, so if you wish to purchase multiple licenses, multiply the SAP Business One license cost by the number of users.

The SAP Business One Pricing tiers for one-time purchases include:

Professional: $3,213 each

The professional user license provides businesses unlimited access to SAP Business One's features, including financial management, sales, customer management, purchasing and inventory control, etc.

Limited: $1,666 each

Limited user licenses have limited access to a particular professional area. For example, financial employees would utilize the limited license for SAP Business One's financial accounting services.

Starter: $1,357 each

The cost-effective starter package is limited to a maximum of five users. The starter package is designed for startups and small businesses and includes accounting, sales orders, item management, and purchasing.

You can upgrade your packages at any time. For example, suppose you start with the starter package or limited-use license. In that case, you can eventually upgrade to the professional user license and gain access to everything that SAP Business One offers. SAP Business One Cloud Express Edition PaaS model

ICC offers a pre-configured Project-as-a-service (PaaS) express edition of SAP Business One, including software licenses and cloud hosting. The express edition also includes implementation and training. ICC offers various packages that will fit a variety of businesses and their budgets. Pricing is as follows:

  • Financial Only: contact us for your best pricing package

  • SAP Manufacturing: contact us for your best pricing package

  • Field Services: contact us for your best pricing package

  • Basic Distribution/Retail/Service: contact us for your best pricing package

  • Advanced Distribution: contact us for your best pricing package

ICC PaaS model includes training, implementation, licenses, and cloud hosting, which are included in a convenient, low-cost package. ICC offers monthly, quarterly, or annual billing to make things convenient.

SAP Business One Implementation Costs

Getting SAP Business One software installed and configured, your data migrated, and your employees trained are included in our implementation services. We offer a tried and true ERP implementation methodology to ensure a successful outcome every time. ICC provides SAP Business One implementation, re-implementation, training, and support services through our implementation and support agreements. While each SAP Business One implementation is unique, a typical SAP B1 implementation will cost between $25,000 and $100,000, depending on the needs and complexity of your business.

SAP Business One covers 80-90% of all businesses' software needs, including accounting, sales, CRM, purchasing, item management, production, projects, fixed assets, and service. Third-party companies develop add-on products to expand the breadth and depth of the solution. There are over 400 add-ons for SAP Business One, including payroll, advanced manufacturing, barcoding, shipping integration, credit card integration, and more. These add-ons are priced separately. Finance your SAP Business One solution

ICC's leasing partners offer monthly financing for SAP Business One licenses, hardware, and implementation services. If you need additional information on individual pricing or have questions regarding licensing and service, contact ICC and visit our SAP Business One pricing calculator.

Making the Switch to SAP Business One

When deciding on new ERP software for your business, many options exist. At first glance, it may seem overwhelming, but don't worry; ICC is the leading VIETNAM SAP Business One partner, and we've helped hundreds of clients like you. Let us help you determine your ERP solution's best deployment and licensing approach.


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How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

From database type (HANA or SQL) and hosting options (cloud, on-premise, co-located) to customizations and add-ons, learn more about all the factors that go into calculating your total cost of owning SAP Business One.

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