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CRM for Sales in SAP Business One

Help your sales team to win new customers and successfully maintain existing customer relationships with our CRM in SAP Business One.

Unlike stand-alone CRM solutions, the robust sales management tools bring an integrated view of your customers across the sales cycle. Your sales team can create quotes, enter customer orders, and perform real-time availability checks on items across your warehouses for new sales. Current customers can view purchase history, credit limits, and other activities. They can easily track relevant information for further sales opportunities, such as lead source, potential competition, and closing date. Your sales team stays organized by recording activities from the first contact call to the successful close of the transaction.

This CRM capability is available to any sales team, and they can access SAP Business One from a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Manage leads and customers through business partner management

SAP Business One makes it easy to manage master data for sales leads and customers. A dedicated business partner primary module can create and maintain information and customer data on user-friendly screens.

SAP Business One stores general business partner data, such as name, address, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, contacts, and tax information. In addition, you can manage essential payment data, such as terms, credit limits, and special discounts. Data stored in a business partner master record automatically transfers into the relevant transactions, such as sales quotations, orders, or deliveries. You are notified if you exceed credit limits or a customer is ‘on hold’ due to delivery or payment issues. A dashboard in the customer master record gives you an overview of the account balance, outstanding orders, deliveries, and opportunities in the pipeline. Data can be viewed in graphical format, for example, in a sales analysis report with revenue and profit for a customer.

Helping sales members to manage activities

SAP Business One enables you to manage your tasks and information throughout the sales cycle efficiently. Schedule phone calls and meetings, assign tasks, create detailed notes and other activities, and be reminded when they are due. Activities entered into your calendar in SAP Business One can be synchronized with your schedule in Microsoft Outlook. All activities link to business partners and documents. For example, link activities to a sales lead and later drill down into these activities from the lead screen. Reporting capabilities in SAP Business One provide you with an overview of both your ongoing and future activities and those of your sales employees.

Track sales pursuits through the opportunities module

No matter how complex the prospecting process is, you can record and track sales opportunities in SAP Business One. The sales opportunities module in SAP Business One lets you manage the entire sales process as it progresses through different, custom defined sales stages. It tracks sales opportunities and activities, analyzes their outcome, and forecasts revenue potential. For a complete sales framework, SAP Business One allows you to define sales stages, partners, competitors, and relationships that apply to sales opportunities. Enter new opportunities in SAP Business One with information about potential sales volume, customers, specific competitors or partners, expected closing dates, and sales stages. SAP Business One enables you to classify sales opportunities according to custom defined criteria for accurate processing. SAP Business One immediately calculates a gross profit and expected revenue. As the prospect progresses through the various sales stages and new data is entered, the expected profit and revenue calculations are continuously updated to accurately reflect the current situation.

Easily convert quotes to sales orders

Once a sales opportunity is won, you can directly create a sales order without having to reenter data. SAP Business One integration features allow you to perform instant online availability checks on ordered products. In addition, accounting data and inventory levels are immediately updated in real-time. You can easily define templates for all your sales documents, which can be automatically applied when you generate outbound documents, such as quotations, order confirmations, and change confirmations –which can be printed and mailed or emailed to customers.

Run marketing campaigns

The campaign functionality supports a new business process to help you plan, execute and track multi-channel marketing campaigns. You can plan campaigns as you select and maintain target groups. You can retain campaign information, generate sales opportunities and analyze campaign results.


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