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Purchasing & Procurement Tools in SAP Business One

Now your business can cut costs by working smarter. SAP Business One has been designed to help you manage company-wide procurement by optimizing purchasing processes. Easily control costs with integrated tools to manage purchasing planning, vendor selection, purchase order management, and invoice payments from one centralized solution.

SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution that helps you manage every aspect of your organization. The all-in-one application contains and manages all of your key financials, meaning you can start making more profitable purchasing decisions, identify areas of potential saving opportunities and manage your supplier relationships more effectively.

A selection of pre-built templates is included in SAP Business One to help you make savings quickly and easily. There’s also the ability to customize dashboards to fit the things that matter to you at the touch of a button. Review your main vendors and suppliers, any purchases you’ve had year-to-date, orders still open on your system and outstanding, and a host of other cost-saving features that help you make more profitable decisions.

Core Purchasing and Procurement Tools in SAP Business One Procurement

  • Quickly create purchase orders and goods receipts

  • Use internal request forms for new or existing items

  • Create blanket orders to meet customer demand

  • Generate new purchase quotes and automatically email vendors

  • Store and link essential documents together for auditing and reporting

  • Efficiently manage returns, special expenses, or multiple currencies

  • Update vendor-related activities from your mobile

Item and Vendor Master Data

  • Manage, maintain, and edit supplier details from a single database

  • Track vendor payment terms and perform purchase analysis

  • Maintain detailed pricing information and tax details

  • Control several different branches and separate documentation on each

  • Track every related document to purchase for auditing and analysis

  • Update vendor-related activities from your mobile

Automation and Integration

  • Synchronize real-time goods receipts and inventory levels

  • Use the MRP wizard to perform purchase planning requests

  • Auto-generate accounts payable invoice from a purchase order or goods receipt

  • Easily update related vendor and expense accounts

  • Quickly calculate the book value of your inventory and the last purchase price

  • Create in-depth valuation and accounting reports.

  • Monitor levels of stock, item prices, and sales prices from your mobile device

Arrange an SAP Business One demo Want to see how the purchasing and procurement features in SAP Business One work and interact with each other? Arrange a demo today with one of our product experts to see how our SAP Business One solution can help you cut costs across your organization.


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